Whether boats, cars & trucks, RV or motorcycle dealerships the State of Ohio looks at these as similar business operations and so should we. While there are many people that can run traditional businesses; the nuances of motor vehicle dealerships, with different departments, rolling inventory, titled assets and financial instruments like "floorplans," is more challenging and transcends typical text book business knowledge and expertise.

Used vehicle operations are typically less involved than the intricacies of new dealerships and manufacturer franchises arrangements and yet they too present their own unique challenges.

In my 37 years of retail, fleet, and wholesale operations (Central Ohio market) experience I have developed a sense of what to look for, especially, in these type business units. I’ve also interacted with many owners and literally hundreds of salespersons, business managers and general managers. Some of these persons may also be available as the need arises.

For my involvement I bring to the table a skill set that includes expertise in: